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Cultural Studies

“When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him.  Let us take the child out to show him real things.”

Children in our Montessori classroom will be exposed to different cultures through books, songs, as well as maps.  The classroom is prepared with multiple puzzle maps in the Sensorial area which the children are free to use after being presented.  The children will first experience the rules of the world, for example, land and water, which introduces them to boundaries and divisions.  Through the map material, the children will concretely see that there are bodies of water and pieces of land, which are our oceans and continents accordingly.  Cultural studies are explored through festivals and traditions such as Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Diwali, and so forth.  Classification of animals and plants are also available in the classroom to enrich the children’s knowledge of living things in our environment.  Real plants and flowers are also a part of the classroom, and the children will be taught how to care for them.

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