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Practical Life

“Repetition is the secret of perfection, and this is why the exercises are connected with the common activities of daily life.”

All of the Practical Life exercises are designed with five common goals, all of which contribute to the healthy and successful natural development of the child.  The purposes of the exercises are to serve the child’s natural path of development, integrating with one another to optimize the child’s development.  The Practical Life exercises are to be presented to the children all from ages 0-6.  Many of the Practical Life exercises focus on the development of the pincer grip, which will later on help the child to hold a pencil.  The following are general goals of the Practical Life area:

  1. Adaptation of the Environment

  2. Acquisition of Coordinated Movement

  3. The Development of Will

  4. The Development of Inner Discipline

  5. The Development of Independence

  6. The Development of Concentration

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