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“The three-year Montessori program at Monarch Montessori was well above our expectations of traditional Montessori education. Our son began when he was almost three years old and finished the kindergarten program at age 6. Because of the foundation that he got at such a young age in an environment that was so conducive to exploratory learning, when he entered grade one in school, his work was well above his grade level in his areas of interest. Monarch Montessori functions well as a three-year program because the momentum that is achieved in the first two years, through the specialized Montessori learning tools and the guidance of the teachers, continues to build throughout the final year. Our son genuinely loves this school, we highly recommend this program to our friends”

- Dr. R. Trott

“This is the best Montessori program in Vancouver. Our son loved his time there and we count ourselves extremely lucky to have been part of Monarch. Grace Chou is a visionary of modern Montessori education. Her passion for education can be clearly seen in the details of the curriculum. The school was outfitted with the full line of quality Montessori learning tools and furnishings, provided bright, dedicated, and engaging teachers, and supplemented the traditional Montessori education with daily enrichment programs. In addition, the school took every opportunity to support the community by buying local products for their events, organizing community clean up, and supporting local businesses for their optional healthy hot lunch. The school is a bright shining light in our community, and we wish there were more schools like this.”

- M. kubacki, Architect AIBC and the mom of a very happy young learner

“…Kindergarten students set good examples to him. He was eager to be a kindergarten student when he was turning 5. That is great benefit from multi-age environment of Montessori School. He developed further in being confident, independent, active learning after he moved to Kindergarten. Except the traditional Montessori materials, our school also designs the curriculum carefully. Eric enjoys his studying in math, reading, French, music, etc….”

By Y. L.

“The first thing we have noticed after our son started in the kindergarten program in Monarch is how patient and enthusiastic the teachers/guides are, and how much our son loves them…. our son has been given a lot of responsibilities by the teachers, and those have certainly helped him to grow into a more independent individual with leadership…. He has been excelling in math, and the teacher has been making him agendas and study plan accordingly to make sure our son is constantly motivated with appropriate level of challenges…. we recommend Monarch to parents that are searching for a Montessori Kindergarten school. With great confidence in the school and its teachers, we believe that both the parents and their children will have a wonderful time there.” 

By D. K.   

"I would recommend Monarch to any family who is looking for enriching and holistic early child education for their little ones. My son had a fantastic time there and he is still talking about it from time to time. The individualized approach ensures that every child progresses at their own pace and builds a solid foundation for their future academic success. Children will not only benefit from the traditional Montessori method, but also a variety of fun and creative activities that the principal Grace has added into the school – art, music, soccer, yoga, second language etc. My son has developed a genuine love of learning, curiosity, and confidence which will benefit him lifelong. As a parent, I am writing this testimonial with great gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional experience that we had at Monarch."  

- Y. Wang, a senior financial manager and the mom of a curious boy

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